This is the300 Project:  To Help 300 People by Giving Them
Software+Business Site WE Build (Not "AI" Built)
That Sells Exclusive SOFTWARE WE Create & Add Monthly
and You Keep All The Money Earned (Your Site Your Money™)

 Membership Cost is Locked For Life™ - NO contracts NO fees  CANCEL Anytime 

software business - SAP software

Screen Shots from Actual Site - SAM App Interface Page

The300 Project is Created to Solve an Income Problem for 300 People

This is an Information Page. Worth Reading - Well Worth Joining
(for Pizza Money)

Simply Put (in 30 seconds):

1. Our Team of Engineers, Artists, Authors Will BUILD, Maintain, SUPPORT & Host automated, customized, individual Software+ Business Sites - GIVEN to 300 of our members. It is our contribution.

2. the300 sites are not on a Cloud but are physical, independent WordPress membership sites on Dedicated High-Speed SSD Servers.

3. Our Team will create and ADD Software+ Products every month that are unique and EXCLUSIVE to the300 sites. 

4. Our Members freely Use their Software+ Business site to Earn An Income. (We provide all support for sites AND software)

5. the300 Members can Sell memberships to their Software+ Site - their customers (members) get access to all software & products, each month.

6. WE do NOT sell our own software - we send buyers who want our software TO the300 member's Software+ sites (i.e., your site)!

7. Our Members (You) Keep Every Dime from Every Sale Made On Your Site  - Your Site Your Money™ No Royalties or fees.

8. Our Team - SUPPORTS everything - sites, software, everything.

Your Income

the300 Members can make monthly income selling memberships to their Software+ site. It cost people ONLY $8.48/mo  to become a member of your site. Your income with:

5 members  =  $43/month (= your membership is PAID FOR)
12 members  =  $102/month
60 members  =  $508/month
120 members = $1,018

Your ONLY Cost 

The ONLY Cost for the300 members (You) is the modest membership fee to be
in the300. We do NOT charge for the sites - there are No hidden fees, royalties, or contracts. You can Cancel any time.

We will NEVER Use so-called "AI" (or anything else) to scrape content (pages, videos, images, etc.) from the Internet, then plagiarize it, to create "websites" for you OR do that to create eBooks or Videos or Other products.

We will NEVER leave YOU to provide support for what WE build/create
 - WE provide full support to You AND your customers.

Real People - A Talented Team of Real Engineers, Programmers, Writers
 and Digital Artists - Create All of This, SUPPORT All of This
(And there are even More Benefits Below)

INVEST (Just Your 'Pizza Money') in a Future

Designed for ONLY 300 Physically Separate Sites - 47 are Taken

Set at Lowest Price Possible

Price is Locked For Life™ - No contracts - No fees - Cancel Anytime

Visitors so far:


Our Vision

You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want.
- Zig Ziglar

Income became the Problem

The first PROBLEM was COVID.
- it decimated Millions of lives and jobs. It impacted the world. People were left looking for a way just to survive.

Then came INFLATION and Recession jacking up the cost of just living.

It all created an income problem. People need extra money / income.
But how to get it?

A earning a useful amount of "extra" money (be it via a 2nd job or a 'side hustle' etc.) typically means extra effort, extra time, and usually, extra cost.

But The300 Project is Not 'typical'.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
- Albert Einstein

We looked for a way to help people - a solution that would keep Our Team usefully employed while helping people. A solution that helped  but did NOT
require you selling your possessions on eBay
require you to find (or start) a second (exhausting) 'real world' job
require you build a new 'Real World' business (expensive & exhausting).

We wanted provide a simple "side hustle" that successfully provides you income but does Not require excessive effort, or training, or time, And NOT COST you any rent, utilities, fees, royalties, commissions, etc. 

We'll do it For as many people as is practical. 300 EVERYDAY people
Who need such help - Not those who already have a large online business.
We are building a community, an ecosystem, for those who need it.

Action, is the foundational key to all success.
- Pablo Picasso

the300 Project IS . . .

Focusing on 300 people who truly need this help, and who can't afford - time or money or expertise - to do this by themselves.

Focusing on income by providing UNIQUE Exclusive software and digital products for selling on these Software+ sites.

Focusing on lowest cost for the300 people to pay, to have their own Software+ site to use, and to have it all done for them.

This is a lifetime objective for us.

App Software Business Site Flow

DEA's the300 Project Concept 

All of man's gains
are the fruit of ventures.
- Herodotus

Success Requires a Location

A Business is not Real, is not Trusted, until it has a Location.

Social media presence is great - even necessary - But your website, is where your potential customers start to trust you. It's a location as valid & solid as a 'real world' store. You are not selling out of the back of a van. 🙂

Your site legitimizes your brand, and lets customers know that you are a Real business.

So, Your Software+ SITE is a location - a store - for you to sell our exclusive software / software membership.

the300 Software+ sites are designed for those who do not have
the time,   the money,   or the expertise
to create a
Software+ Business Site online themselves
WITH unique, exclusive Software products.

they can't maintain, operate, update the site And
also find traffic/buyers, by themselves.

We know how, and We built a software framework designed to enable us do it For you - and do it all for a very modest membership fee. 

Success Means Us, Proving Them Wrong

The Small Business Administration (SBA) claims it costs an average of $3000-$5000 to start even a micro business online and IF you already have a product or service.

I’ve seen good eCommerce websites cost more than that, just to have the site built - with No products included!

We proved that cost is  very wrong for 300 people - we just had to build the Dragon Framework first to do it.

The secret to getting ahead,
is getting started.

- Mark Twain

What do you Need for Income Success?

ONE Good Product

- One NOT being sold by Hundreds of Thousands of Resellers Online
- One where You get all the profit form a sale- just as if you made it

We Create & Add a good Software+ product each month so your inventory - and site's value - will grow.

Each Software+ site itself is "One Good Product" because they are all membership sites. You sell memberships.

If you want a steady income, you don't focus on individual product sales - you focus on building a community, a paying  membership.

The Software+ are set with the "NetFlix $8 Model":

 5 members = enough to pay your membership in the300 (i.e., it's free)
 100 members = $835 /  month income
 500 members = $ 4,175 / month income
 1000 members = $ 8,250 / month income
(note: each site is built to handle up to 10,000 members without degradation)

Selling memberships is easy, with multiple products on the site, new products constantly added, and low cost - membership cost less than buying any single App ($12 vs  $8 for membership and ALL products).

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.
- Stephen Hawking

...especially with a little help.
- Joe C

Multiple Ways to Earn Income

"There's an App for That!"

Software rules the world.

App Software and Digital products are a good choice for earning income (side hustle or otherwise) - especially if they are unique and exclusive - like ours, available from only ONE source (the DEA Team).

Everything about the sites, the software, the hosting, maintenance, etc. is all done by real people. There’s no “artificial intelligence” at work here. (many people use that 'AI' term incorrectly/falsely)

We designed the sites with multiple ways to earn income:

...Make money selling memberships to your Software+ site
...Make money selling individual software+ products
...Make money by using the App Making Software on the site and selling what it creates
...Make money by adding your own products and selling those.

EACH Software+ Site (Version 3.1) Currently Has:
112 Database Tables
5,986 Directories
37,295 Files
( includes software files, pages, videos, plugins, etc. etc.)

visual neo web

Major Software Development Partner

Major Software Development Partner

Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.
- William Shakespeare

Bleeding Edge Technology

We have incorporated numerous technologies into these sites and Products: WordPress CMS, NeoWeb, CloudFlare, Multi-Platform Development, Thrive, LayeredArt, SimpleScreen™, Automater, Multi-SaaS AND proprietary technology we spent 2.3 YEARS creating.

Also included: not just technology - but artistic creations created FOR the sites by authors and artists. Exclusively for you to sell.

And coming: NFT Token Makers, Bitcoin Integration, Web3 (Metaverse), SuperApps and a couple of items we are not revealing yet.

This is what we do, what we enjoy doing. And you, benefit.  🙂

Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.
- William Shakespeare

Engineering For Cost

We spent 2.3 YEARS creating a Dragon Software Business Site Framework AND set of Development & Management tools, AND proprietary automation system. Those systems allow our team to manage a collection of 300 Software+ business sites AND create software products monthly. It allows us to do it all faster, with less effort, which saves us money.
We pass that savings on to our members to make the membership fee as modest as possible.  🙂

You do NOT actually have to "run/operate" the sites
  - the sites are 98% automated, AND maintained by our team.


We don't sell other people's products or software (Our products are created by the Team and are exclusive to the Software+ Sites)

We don't use a Cloud (we build physical sites on a dedicated SSD Server)

We don't build thousands of sites (only 300. On purpose.)

We don't Use fake "AI" (or anything else) to scrape content (pages, videos, images, close captions, etc.) from the Internet, then plagiarize it, to create "websites in seconds" for you OR to create products in a similar fashion.

(Our sites and products are created by real people BY our team - exclusively for the300. Period.)

We don't actually engage in Spartan combat :)

Architect of DEA & the300

Former NASA/Kennedy Space Center Engineer, Intel, AT&T Bell Labs, GE Research, Lockheed, Raybestos, Uniroyal, Exxon, DOD, DARPA, Charleston Naval Shipyard (submarines)

Failure is not an option.
- Gene Kranz (Apollo13)

An Honest Promise To HELP

I take promises VERY seriously. I was once in a remote area of Mexico and I paid a taxi to drive me 40 kilometers to a church to attend Sunday service, wait for me, then drive me back.  
Because before my Mother died, she made me promise to never miss Church on Sunday. It has sometimes been a challenge, but in 10+ years since then, I have NEVER broken that promise.

So I hope you take this seriously:

I promise you here, that we will make every possible effort to create, maintain and enhance - a Software+ site designed to create income for you And help you earn that income.

WHAT we will NEVER DO: Use fake "AI" (or anything else) to scrape content (pages, videos, whatever) from the Internet, then plagiarize it, to create "websites in seconds" for you OR to create products in a similar fashion.

Our sites and products are created by real people - BY our team - exclusively for the300.

Designed for ONLY 300 Physically Separate Sites - 47 are Taken

INVEST Your Pizza Money in a Future

Set at Lowest Price Possible  $35/mo ===

Price is Locked For Life™ - No contracts - No fees - Cancel Anytime

Software+ Business Site - Features & Highlights

Software+ Sites are Built On Dedicated High Speed NVme SSD (Solid State Drive) Servers - No Cloud "Sharing" - Customized (White-Labeled) For YOU

EVERYTHING we do is FOR and ABOUT the300 Software+ Business Sites: we create products to be sold on Your site, and create or acquire anything we can (on this site) to assist the300 members.

the300 Software+
Income Features:

We Don't Sell Our Software - Only the300 Sites Can Sell Software+

Buyers Will Be sent to Your Site From the DEA Site & Other sources

Your Site Your Money™
NO Royalties or Hidden Fees only your membership fee

Get Just 120 members to Your Site = Over $1000 / Month     

Multiple Income Streams For You on Your Site

We Will Not Build More Than 300 Sites

Site Features:

We Create Stand Alone
 Software+ Business Site

We CREATE and ADD The Software+ & Digital Products

We Host, Maintain & Upgrade All Sites - No Cloud

We ADD Content (Blogs, Videos, etc.) To Your Site

The Software+ Sites are designed to be a Multi-SaaS+

Sites have Apps to Use Like an Professional eCourse Maker

Site Extra Features:

The benefits included with your site go beyond just a stand alone site and beyond what other hosted sites include. Beyond any "cloud" based site.

Your Software+ Sites are
PROTECTED by Cloudflare
& Our Security Systems

We Provide SUPPORT for
Sites & Software - For You,
 and For Your Buyers

Your Entire Site Will Also 
Be An APP Itself - a
PWA with Push Notices!

We Place Backlinks on DEA Site To YOUR Site  

You Can Add Your Own Products & More

Our Dragon Framework Site Management System

An Extra-ordinary Feature:

Traffic & Sales - Sent To You

For income you need sales. To make sales you need buyers. you need Traffic - visitors to YOUR Software+ Business Site. No need to buy traffic.

Besides from our DEA site - we also funnel traffic from various other sources and rotate THAT to all Software+ Business Sites as well. Including:

...from back links on DEA to all Software+ Sites

...from back links on other software product sites

...from Ads and Videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook

Further, we track traffic by IP address so any former potential customer is sent back to the same Software+ Business Site (for 30 days)

The FrameWork is designed for ONLY 300 Physical Sites - 43 are Taken

Price is Locked For Life™ - No contracts - No fees - Cancel Anytime (No Worries)

=== New Year 60% Discount Price: $35/mo ===

The SOFTWARE+ Products

Curator App Software

We Specialize in Creating APPs that CREATE APPs WITHOUT Coding - Only You can sell those App Makers

For Laptops/Desktops, Mobile devices,
and the Web

Multi-Platform App Software - Included for ALL ASB Sites

Multi-Platform App Software - Especially App Software that creates Software (Apps) WITHOUT CODING (NoCode)

Our team develops a variety of multi-platform software that CREATES App Software without coding/programming (NoCode).

Members of DEA (the300) can use the software themselves (to create their own products). It will be added to Your Software+™ Site for sale individually, and included for your paying members to use.

This includes:

  • Desktop/Laptop App Software (PC & MAC)
  • Mobile Device App Software (phones, tablets)
  • Web & PWA App Software (to run on ALL devices)
  • App Software Web Platforms (SaaS style)
  • WordPress Plugins

Also includes stand-alone web software platforms Not integrated into this DEA site. The Software+™ Sites can sell access to the platforms to their members (we add the users to those platforms for you).

Digital Art, NFT, Bitcoin & More - Included for ALL ASB Sites

With Both Artists AND Engineers There Is More Than Just Software

There is more to Innovation than engineering software. The creative members of our team have and will continue to create digital based art and products for this site related to tech like NFT and BitCoin.

  • Digital Art (some created by our own team)
  • NFT Software & Related Products
  • Bitcoin Related products and information

Members of DEA (the300) can use the products themselves AND it will be added to Your Software+™ Site to sell individually, or to include for your paying members to use.

You Don't Sell NFT - Just Software To Help Create Art to sell as an NFT. And More

Digital Information Products - Included for ALL ASB Sites

Information in digital form and in a variety of formats

Our team creates and curates information and delivers it in  a variety of formats and forms, focused primarily (but NOT always!) on Software AND how to Market and  EARN INCOME with software and other digital. These Information products include:

  • eBooks & PDFs (on software, marketing, etc.)
  • eCourses (to teach our members)
  • Videos & Audios (to inform AND use in App Software)

Members of DEA (the300) can use the products themselves AND it will be added to Your Software+™ Site to sell individually, or included there for your paying members to use.

Valuable Information Can Be Delivered In Many Forms - And YOU Can sell it in all forms

The FrameWork is designed for ONLY 300 Physical Sites - 43 are Taken

Price is Locked For Life™ - No contracts - No fees - Cancel Anytime (No Worries)

=== New Year 60% Discount Price: $35/mo ===

Questions Answered

Answered below, are some of the question DEA Members have asked since we started.  If you do not find an answer to a Question you have, below, just ASK!

Click The Arrows To Open & Close     

Why Only 300 Sites?

There is a physical limit to hosting on our servers while maintaining performance for each site, AND a limit to how many people/sites Our Team can support, maintain and manage at a high quality.

What's the Catch - How Can DEA do ALL this for JUST The Membership Fee?

We found a way to do it FOR you, cheaply.

To be honest, we spent 2 YEARS creating a Dragon Software Business Site Framework AND set of Development tools, that allows a small team to create software products AND manage a collection of 300 software business sites.

It allows us to do it faster, with less effort, which saves us money. After COVID and now inflation, it seems not just greedy, but inhumane, to charge more than need to charge. There are more than enough companies out there doing that crap.

So, we pass our savings on to our members. 🙂

Are There Any Royalties, or Commissions, or Fees, For The Software+ Products DEA Members are Selling?

NO. Never. You only pay your DEA monthly membership fee.

Will The Monthly Fee For A Software+ Member's ASB Site Ever Be Increased?

NO. If you signup now, and keep paying your monthly membership, it will NOT be increased. 

Is The Software+ Site White Labeled for Each Member's Use?

YES. The site is named by you, we install your LOGO, etc. It becomes Your site to use.

Are the Software+ Sites hosted on a "Cloud" System?

NO! This is not a collection of HTML pages in an account on a Cloud App.

These are stand-alone sites, on their own Sub Domain, their own file system, with several THOUSAND files and directories in the complete site.

Do DEA Members Have To Do Any Maintenance on Their Software+ Site (Like Update Plugins)?

Nope. We do all updates needed - an automated monitoring system in the Dragon Software Framework alerts us when ANYTHING needs to be updated, changed or checked on your Software+™ Site.

Can DEA Members Add Their Own Products to Their Software+ Site?

Yes. Your Software+™ Site there for you to use. If you own a product of your own you wish to sell, You can add it to your Software+™ Site and sell it.

Note: the Software+™ Sites do have rules, such as not being able to promote/sell pornography, promote hate, etc.

Do DEA Members Have To Add Content to their Software+ Site?

Nope. You can if you like, but we will be adding content to all sites periodically, including articles, videos, PDFs, audios and graphics.

Can DEA Members Put These Software+ Products on Other Sites They Own?

NO - the Software+™ Site products we create and add can only be sold by and from the Software+™ Sites.


Is there a Contract or Can DEA Members Cancel Anytime?

There are NO Contracts and You can cancel your DEA membership at anytime, which of course also cancels your Software+™ Site. You only paying a membership fee monthly - not paying rent or for ownership or even for products or anything like that, so there is no contract. You can walk away anytime you like.

Can DEA Members Put Their Software+ Products on other Sites Like JVZoo?

NO - the Software+™ Site products we create and add can only be sold by and from the Software+™ Sites.

Do DEA Members Own Copyright or Intellectual Rights to the Software+ Sites & Products They Sell?

NO - The Software+ Sites, their code, pages, etc. (basically anything we created) and the Products we create are there for you (members) to use and have a license (as members) sell, but you are NOT given ownership of our Copyrights and Intellectual Property rights or the sites themselves. Anything YOU may add IS, of course, is yours, including any Apps YOU create, even if you use OUR software to create them.

You only paying a membership fee monthly - not paying rent or for ownership or even for products or anything like that, so there is no contract. You can walk away anytime you like.

Meet: Some of Our Creative Team

A FEW of The People Who Develop the Products For This Site.

Engineering Leader / AUTHOR


Ex-NASA/Intel/Bell Labs Engineer, Author
Designer of the Framework for this site

Digital Artist


Creator of Digital Art, Cartoonist, Painter

Web Programmer


Full Stack developer of Web Software Platforms & PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

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