SCREW Inflation!



Every Sale is Yours - Your Site Your Money

Price Locked For Life™ - NO contracts NO fees  Cancel Anytime (No Worries)

The BEST Way To Beat Inflation is MakingMoney with Your Site

Inflation can be BEAT. Even be ignored. With a Side Hustle that makes Extra Money
It is literally that simple. We can make it possible - we have the people who know how.

It is our MISSION - to create a way for you to beat inflation: Your Own AUTOMATED Software Business Site. WITH the Software Included.

We are Focused on people who need this, who can't afford to do this themselves (and are willing to read this web page about it).  🙂

In A Nutshell:

We are doing this for 300 of our Members (you do need to join).

  • OUR Team of Engineers, Programmers, Artists & Writers
    Builds a Complete - PHYSICAL - Custom Software Business Site
     - FREE For Every DEA Member (No extra cost!)
  • We Maintain, Upgrade, Enhance, & HOST these separate Sites
  • OUR Team Creates Exclusive UNIQUE Software & Digital Products Monthly
    and Adds Those Products to YOUR Site

YOU Can SELL Our Software Alone (On Your Site) AND
SELL Monthly Memberships (To Your Site) for Access To ALL Products Monthly


  • OUR Buyers can ONLY actually buy Our Software & Products From YOU
    (we send them to you!)
  • You Keep Every Dime from Every Sale Made On Your Site
    - Your Site Your Money™

It's like... someone builds you a fully stocked, fully staffed, fully automated
- where you get all the profits & don't actually have to go to work!

A Simple Picture of How It Works

App Software Business Site Flow

      The DEA Concept

== SOFTWARE is a Trillion Dollar Market

Online software and digital products
sell better & easier than any other product

"There's an App for That!"
App Software and Digital products are a good choice for income (side hustle or otherwise)

- especially if it is unique, exclusive Software (& Digital products) available from only ONE source. So that, is what defined the product line we selected. BUT NOT selling as an "affiliate" of someone else's business for a commission. We mean your own Software Business site where you get paid every dime to you, not a percentage commission. (and you can build your own business, not theirs)

You need a SITE to sell YOUR software well. But You may NOT have
. . .the time,
. . .the money
. . .or the expertise
. . .to create a software business site online
. . .to maintain it
AND  to create your own products for it  AND  do what you need to sell those products  AND etc., etc.

The value of a software site is probably obvious to you. But there are other important issues. Like cost. So . . .

== We ENGINEERED Efficiency (for Our Team, to save YOU money)

We spent 2.3 YEARS creating a Dragon App Software Framework AND set of Development & management tools, AND proprietary automation system that allows our small team to create software products monthly AND manage a collection of 300 software business sites. It allows us to do it faster, with less effort, which saves us money. We pass that savings on to our members.  🙂

So, Our members
. . .do NOT have to build, maintain & host a stand-alone software site - we do that.
. . .do NOT have to create these unique products - we do that.
. . .do NOT really have to do much of anything EXCEPT JOIN

You do NOT have to "run" the sites
  - the sites are 98% automated, and maintained by our team.
(but you DO have full access to run/use the sites if you wish)

== We Simplified & Eliminated Most COSTS

The member keeps every dime of every sale on their software business site.
There are NO "royalty fees" OR commissions OR any other fees.
It's truly Your Site Your Money™

In fact, we (DEA Site) do NOT sell ANY of the software ourselves: Only the member sites sell our Software, so we . . .

take any DEA visitors interested in buying a DEA product, and send them to a member Software Business Sites (we rotate through the list - more on that below). We literally SEND You Buyers!

The ONLY thing our members pay, is a VERY LOW monthly membership. NOTHING else.

And the membership cost actually IS very low. (As low as we can make it)

WHAT YOU GET As One of the300 Members of This DEA Site


For Members: Your Software Business Site

 App Software Business (ASB) Sites are Built On Our Dedicated High Speed NVme SSD Servers, Customized (White-Labeled) For YOU

The (Your) Site INCOME

BEFORE we tell you about the site itself, we'll explain the things we have done, and will do every month, to facilitate your ability to make income from your site (the site created for you to use). We are focused on people - our members.

EVERYTHING we do here is FOR and ABOUT the300 Software Business Sites: we create software & products to be sold on YOUR site, and create or acquire anything we can (on this site) to assist our members.

We Don't Sell Our Software - Only the Member Sites Do

We do NOT sell ANY of the Software and Other Products on DEA (

They are sold ONLY on the Software Business Sites. Like Yours.

BUYERS Will Be SENT to Your Site From DEA Site

Visitors to - DeadEasyApps - will not be able to buy any of DEA products.

Buyers of ANY Products here will be rotated & SENT to the various Software Business Sites.

Your Site Your Money™ - NO Royalties or  Fees

The membership fee for DEA covers your license for your ASB Site and to sell the products installed on your site.

There are NO other fee's, Royalties, etc. You keep every dime from every sale. Your Site Your Money™

Method For Earning Over $1000 / Month (An Easy Way)

The Sites is are built as Paid Membership sites - for steady monthly income.

The Sites are designed to make it easy to sell memberships. It's cheaper for people to buy a membership and get all the products every month, than to pay for any single product.

If They pay only $8.42 per month.:

Only 120 monthly members = $ 1,012.80 per month

TWO (or more) Income Streams For You.

There are TWO ways to earn income from your Site:

SELL the products we create and keep ALL the income.
SELL memberships to your Site for a monthly fee (which you keep).

We Will NEVER Build More Than the300 Active Sites

There will NEVER be more than 300 Sites - the300.  worldwide

This is done to maintain exclusivity for the Sites and product "rarity."

There are 9.6 Billion domains and web sites on the net. Products being resold have Ten's of thousands, even millions, of people and sites reselling them.

Our limit of 300 is makes ours pretty exclusive. 🙂

AN Extra-ordinary FEATURE:

Get Traffic & Sales - Without Doing Anything. Seriously.

Traffic from DEA, YouTube, and more ROTATED To Various Software Business Sites WE SPREAD TRAFFIC to the300

For income you need sales. To make sales you need buyers. Buyers come from Traffic - People visiting YOUR Software Business Site.
we do MORE than send product BUYERS - from our DEA traffic - to Software Business Sites.

We also funnel traffic from various sources and rotate THAT to various Software Business Sites as well. Including:

  • from SEVERAL back links on DEA (to ALL the Business Sites)
  • from back links on other software product sites (to ALL the Business Sites)
  • Traffic from Ads and Videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook

AND we track that traffic by IP address so THAT potential customer is ALWAYS sent back to the same Software Business Site (for 30 days)

Other People typically PAY MORE JUST for that kind of Traffic - much more than your Membership costs (which INCLUDES the Software Business Site ).
For Members, that Traffic is included

The Actual Site:

These are  benefits included with your site. It's NOT a cloud site. It's more than that. They are physically separate and distinct MEMBERSHIP sites. Built On Our Dedicated High Speed NVme SSD Servers, Customized For YOU. You have your own PAYING (monthly)  members/users as well as single item buyers.

An Actual Site Already Built.

We Create a Stand-Alone App Software Business Site

Our team creates a Software Business Site for EVERY member of our The sites are . . .

Not the usual lame collection of HTML pages (that a thousand other people have)

A separate, customized, Full Blown Software (Membership & Product) Site. They are built stand-alone on Dedicated High-Speed Servers we own and control.

We CREATE and ADD The Software & Digital Products

Our team of engineers, artists, writers, trainers and marketers will CONSTANTLY create Unique, Exclusive multi-platform . . .

App Software, Web Software Platforms, NFT Products, eBooks, digital Artwork, Videos, Audios, eCourses and other digital-based products.

They will ADD/Install ALL those products on the ASB sites, Plus Sales Pages, Thank You/Download Pages, Etc.

All FOR our members to SELL on their Business sites.

We ADD Content (Blogs, Videos, etc.) To Your Software Business Site

Our Team will ALSO create CONTENT - blog articles, graphics, videos, PDFs, audios, etc. and install them on the Business Sites (with proper conical back-links Google requires, etc.). Constantly.

We are dedicated to your success and content, is king.

We Host, Maintain & Upgrade ALL Sites - NO "Clouds"!

We do NOT build these Sites as a few HTML pages on any "cloud" system.

Each Business Site is a separate stand-alone WordPress membership on it's own subdomain with it's own file system on High-Speed Dedicated servers with a commercial membership software system.

We will Host them, Maintain them, Update them
Enhance & Improve Them - CONSTANTLY.


The benefits included with your site go beyond just a stand alone site and beyond what other hosted sites include. Beyond any "cloud" based site. We include features and services that normally would cost extra.

Sites are PROTECTED by Cloudflare & Our Security Systems

We provide security without any charge to each ASB Site.

Our servers AND EVERY single Site is protected by CloudFlare CDN systems - with WAF firewalls, DDOS shields, and more.

EVERY Site is also protected by our security systems in the Framework, all providing multiple layers of protection to each Site.

All of these protection systems are managed by the team.

We Provide SUPPORT - To You, AND To Your Buyers

We provide support to ALL the members of the300 - to all members with an ASB Site.

We ALSO provide support for every product installed & sold on your  Site AND to every buyer of those products.

Your Entire Site Will Also Be An APP (PWA with Push!)

Each ASB Site will be a PWA (Progressive Web App). That means:
IF Any User visits YOUR site and Clicks a simple PWA link,
YOUR ASB Site will be instantly, automatically Installed on the Home screen of their PC
or iPhone
or Android phone
or tablet
or iPad - AS A Fully Functional APP.

We Place Backlinks on DEA To YOUR Site

Various pages throughout the DEA site, such as the Showcase page, testimonial pages, EVERY "Buy" button, etc. have backlinks to the various Sites.
This means ALL visitors to DEA eventually end up on an Site.

Naturally, this helps you get traffic, helps SEO and Google Rank, etc. It's the little things that can make a big difference.

You Can Add Your Own Products & More

Your ASB Site there for you to use. If you own a product of your own you wish to sell, You can add it to your Site and sell it.

Every tool you need to do that IS included with your Site.

Note: the ASB Sites do have rules, such as not being able to promote/sell pornography, promote hate, etc.

2 Year Dragon Framework Design

The ASB Sites are stand-alone, yet still part of a network of sites, connected to a Framework on the main DEA site we call the App Dragon Framework.

The Framework includes tools, management & automation systems, security systems, plugins, and more. It took us 2 years to design, build and test.

It is, in coding terms, massive. 🙂

ACT NOW To Lock the BEST PRICE EVER for One of Only 300 Sites

NOT A Gimmick - The FrameWork is designed for ONLY 300 Physical Sites

Price is Locked For Life™ - No contracts - No fees - Cancel Anytime (No Worries)

For Members: The SOFTWARE & Products

OUR Software & Products
Are Your Software & Products

(to Use & to Sell)

We Create & ADD Unique, Exclusive Software & Digital Products
From App Software  To eBooks  To  Digital Tech  To NFTs & Digital Art

EVERY Product is Created to be SOLD or OFFERED on the Software Business Sites that we build for each member of DEA. 

Products are created periodically - monthly, sometimes weekly.
This Includes . . .

Curator App Software

We Specialize in Creating APPs that CREATE APPs WITHOUT Coding - And Only You can sell them

For Laptops/Desktops, Mobile devices, and the Web

Multi-Platform App Software - Included for ALL ASB Sites

Multi-Platform App Software - Especially App Software that creates App Software (Apps) WITHOUT CODING (No Code)

Our team develops a variety of multi-platform software that CREATES App Software without coding/programming (no code).

Members of DEA (the300) can use the software themselves (to create their own products) AND it will be added to Your ASB Site to sell individually, and included for your paying members to use.

This includes:

  • Desktop/Laptop App Software (PC & MAC)
  • Mobile Device App Software (phones, tablets)
  • Web & PWA App Software (to run on ALL devices)
  • App Software Web Platforms (SaaS style)
  • WordPress Plugins

Also includes even stand-alone web software platforms not integrated into this DEA site. Since a web platform cannot be "downloaded", the ASB Sites sell access to the platforms to their members (we add the users to the platforms for you).

Digital Art, NFT, Bitcoin & More - Included for ALL ASB Sites

With Both Artists AND Engineers There Is More Than Just Software

There is more to Innovation than engineering software. The creative members of our team have and will continue to create digital based art and products for this site related to tech like NFT and BitCoin.

  • Digital Art (some created by our own team)
  • NFT Software & Related Products
  • Bitcoin (Related products and information)

Members of DEA (the300) can use the products themselves AND it will be added to Your ASB Site to sell individually, or to include for your paying members to use.

NFT Art INventor App Software

You Don't Sell BitCoin - Just Software To Help People Earn BitCoin. And More

Digital Information Products - Included for ALL ASB Sites

Information in digital form and in a variety of formats

Our team creates and curates information and delivers it in  a variety of formats and forms, focused primarily (but NOT always!) on Software AND how to Market and  EARN INCOME with software and other digital. These Information products include:

  • eBooks & PDFs (on software, marketing, etc.)
  • eCourses (to teach our members)
  • Videos & Audios (to inform AND use in App Software)

Members of DEA (the300) can use the products themselves AND it will be added to Your ASB Site to sell individually, or included there for your paying members to use.

Valuable Information Can Be Delivered In Many Forms - And YOU Can sell it in all forms

For ALL Members: The Promise

A VERY Short Description Of
What We are Doing and WHY

And My Promise

You could call me The Architect. (just kidding - call me "Joe")
This site - Dead Easy Apps, - affectionately called DEA - and it's purpose are my Brainchild. It was a natural progression to my career.

I have worked a lot for other companies, for a salary. I started my career doing the Corporate thing - Intel, AT&T Bell Labs, GE, Lockheed, Raybestos, Uniroyal, etc. even Exxon.

I've done the Government thing - DOD, DARPA, Charleston Naval Shipyard (submarines), Contractors, and NASA/Kennedy Space Center (space shuttle).

I created & sold software Apps. I built networks, servers, etc.

NOW, I am Engineering Entrepreneur and leading a team doing a new thing:
building software business sites, for others to use.

 Focused on people who can't afford to do it themselves, to hire someone, or even know how to get it done.
 Focused on income for those people BY providing UNIQUE software (and more) for sale on those sites.
 Focused on lowest cost for those people to pay to have a site and to have it all done for them.

We are doing something NO ONE ELSE has ever done.
We are offering it, honestly, for the lowest cost possible - For 300 people.   

And I make you a promise . . .


I take a promise VERY seriously. Earlier this year, I found myself in a remote area of another country - 16+ miles from the nearest city or village -  where I did NOT speak the language, on a Sunday, and NO idea where a church might be for attending services. (No Internet!) So I paid a taxi to find me one, take me, wait till service was over, then take me back to the hotel. Why? Because I keep my promises.

Some years ago, just before my Mother died, she made me promise ("Yes Mom, I promise...") to never miss Church on Sunday. While it is sometimes has been a challenge, in the 10+ years since then, I have NEVER broken that promise.

So I hope you take this seriously:

I promise you here, that we will make every possible effort to create - and maintain - a site that can create income for you.

ACT NOW To Lock the BEST PRICE EVER for One of the Few Sites

NOT A Gimmick - The FrameWork is designed for ONLY 300 Physical Sites

Price is Locked For Life™ - No contracts - No fees - Cancel Anytime (No Worries)

For Everyone: Questions Answered

We have answered below, some of the question DEA Members have asked since we started signing members up.  If you do not find an answer to a Question you have, below, just ASK!

Click The Arrows To Open & Close     

What's the Catch - How Can We (DEA) do ALL this for JUST The Membership Fee?

We found a way to do it FOR you, cheaply.

To be honest, we spent 2 YEARS creating a Dragon Software Framework AND set of Development tools, that allows a small team to create software products AND manage a collection of 300 software business sites.

It allows us to do it faster, with less effort, which saves us money. After COVID and now inflation, it seems not just greedy, but inhumane, to charge more than need to charge. There are more than enough companies out there doing that crap.

So, we pass our savings on to our members. 🙂

Are There Any Royalties, or Commissions, or Fees, For The ASB Products DEA Members are Selling?

NO. Never. You only pay your DEA monthly membership fee.

Will The Monthly Fee For A DEA Member's ASB Site Ever Be Increased?

NO. If you signup now, and keep paying your monthly membership, it will NOT be increased. 

Is The ASB Site White Labeled for Each Member's Use?

YES. The site is named by you, we install your LOGO, etc. It becomes Your site.

Are the ASB Sites hosted on a "Cloud" System?

NO! This is not a collection of HTML pages in an account on a Cloud App.

These are stand-alone sites, on their own Sub Domain, their own file system, with several THOUSAND files and directories in the complete site.

Do DEA Members Have To Do Any Maintenance on Their ASB Site (Like Update Plugins)?

Nope. We do all updates needed - an automated monitoring system in the Dragon Software Framework alerts us when ANYTHING needs to be updated, changed or checked on your ASB Site.

Can DEA Members Add Their Own Products to Their ASB Site?

Yes. Your ASB Site there for you to use. If you own a product of your own you wish to sell, You can add it to your ASB Site and sell it.

Note: the ASB Sites do have rules, such as not being able to promote/sell pornography, promote hate, etc.

Do DEA Members Have To Add Content to their ASB Site?

Nope. You can if you like, but we will be adding content to all sites periodically, including articles, videos, PDFs, audios and graphics.

Can DEA Members Put These ASB Products on Other Sites They Own?

NO - the ASB Site products we create and add can only be sold by and from the ASB Sites.


Is there a Contract or Can DEA Members Cancel Anytime?

There are NO Contracts and You can cancel your DEA membership at anytime, which of course also cancels your ASB Site.

Can DEA Members Put The Products on Their ASB Site on Sites Like JVZoo?

NO - the ASB Site products we create and add can only be sold by and from the ASB Sites.

Do DEA Members Own Copyright or Intellectual Rights to the ASB Sites & Products They Sell?

NO - The ASB Sites code, pages, etc. (basically anything we created) and the Products we create are there for you (members) to use and sell, but you are NOT given ownership of our Copyrights and Intellectual Property rights. Anything YOU may add IS, of course, is yours, including any Apps YOU create, even if you use OUR software to create them.

Meet: Some of Our Creative Team

A FEW of The People Who Develop the Products For This Site.

Engineering Leader / AUTHOR


Ex-NASA/Intel/Bell Labs Engineer, Author
Designer of the ASB Framework for this site

Digital Artist


Creator of Digital Art, Cartoonist, Painter

Web Programmer


Full Stack developer of Web Software Platforms & PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

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