App Software So Easy The Dead Can Use it

App Software So Easy The Dead Can!

No contracts No other fees
Cancel Anytime

Get A Complete, Stand-Alone, Hosted
Software Business Site

- With Unique Software Products WE Create -

People Can ONLY Buy the Software From You

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A Visual Explanation

App Software Business Site Flow

 The DEA Concept

Welcome to - Dead Easy Apps, affectionately called DEA 🙂
We created this site to do something NO ONE ELSE has ever done.

And (with a little tech) do it honestly for the lowest cost possible,
- For 300 people.   

In A Nutshell:

    We have a Team of Engineers, Programmers, Artists & Writers
    They Build a Custom Software Business Site - FOR Every Member
    (It's Included! No Cost)
    They Create Exclusive Software & Digital Products Monthly
    They ADD Those Products to Your
 App Software Business Site
    People can ONLY buy those products From You

And You Keep Every Dime Made by Your Site - Your Site Your Money™

We are DEDICATED to doing this, to making it as easy as possible, to keeping the cost as low as possible (NEVER raising it) and making it as productive as possible
- for 300 members.

(We call them - members like you - the300)

Why You Want This

The Pandemic graphically illustrated  the value of the internet, and how an online business presence can protect your income and make income. I think it's something everyone should have in place - but we can only offer it to 300 people. More on that below.

Online, software and digital products sell like nothing else. They are a multi-Trillion dollar market. Especially unique, exclusive Software & Digital products available from ONE source.

But I am sure you know all that. It's not a startling revelation. You also know that you may not have
the time,
the money
or expertise
to create a business presence online
AND create your own products,
AND everything you need to sell those products AND . . .
But WE do.
And we found a way to do it for you, cheaply. (we actually invented tech to do it)  It's a "win win" thing. 🙂

The kicker is that
Our members do NOT have to create these unique products - we do that.
Our Members do not have to build, maintain & host a stand-alone software site - we do that.
Our members don't really have to do much - the sites are 98% automated, and maintained by our team. (but you can use the sites if they like)
Our Members are NOT paid "commissions" - people can only buy Our products directly from a member - from a member's  Software Business (ASB) Site. The member keeps every dime of every sale. It's truly Your Site Your Money™

And the ONLY thing our members pay, is a VERY low monthly membership. NOTHING else.

I'm not much for hype. We tell you what you can get, what it is, and let you decide. These sites we create for our members are an enormous value, on purpose. And they go FAR beyond what I have mentioned so far. Take a few moments to see it all laid out.  Takes about 5 minutes to learn (below) how MASSIVE this concept is,
how much MORE is Included:

As A DEA Member of the300 YOU Get . . .

Included: Your Software Business Site

 As a DEA Member, You Will Get App Software Business (ASB) Sites Built For You,
On Our Dedicated Servers, Customized (White Labeled)
For You To Sell The Products We Create.

Your Own Customized Software Business Site

Click Arrows To Reveal / Close     

Stand-Alone App Software Business Site - Created For You

Our team of engineers, artists, writers, trainers and marketers create an App Software Business (ASB) Site for EVERY member of our AND create unique products for the ASB sites monthly. The sites are . . .

  • Not the usual lame collection of a couple of HTML pages (that a thousand other people have)
  • A separate, customized, Full Blown Software (Membership & Product) Site integrated into the App Dragon Framework Network
  • They are built stand-alone on Dedicated High-Speed Servers we own and control.
  • People can pay you to buy the software from your site, or pay to join your site and get ALL the software every month (they never have to buy the software)

[Even members of our Creative Software Development team will ALSO have an ASB Site (like yours) so they have a vested interest(!) in developing & creating brilliant software Products and in maintaining the sites.]

WARNING: There will be ONLY 300 DEA members & Software Sites Allowed
(see below) - We will not build more - just those for the300

But there is a LOT more INCLUDED (see below) . . .

We Create and ADD The Software & Digital Products

Our team of engineers, artists, writers, trainers and marketers will CONSTANTLY create Unique, Exclusive multi-platform . . .
   App Software,
   Web Software Platforms,
  NFT products,
   digital Artwork,
and other digital-based products.

They will ADD/Install ALL those products on the ASB sites, Plus
   Sales Pages
   Thank You/Download Pages
   Etc. - everything needed

FOR our members to SELL those products
 - Sell using those Business sites the team also design & create.

We ADD Content (Blogs, Videos, etc.) To Your ASB Site

Our Team will ALSO create CONTENT - blog articles, graphics, videos, PDFs, audios, etc. and install them on the ASB Sites (with proper conical backlinks Google requires, etc.). Constantly.

We are dedicated to your success and content is king on the internet.

BUYERS Will Be SENT to Your ASB Site

Visitors to this site - - will not be able to buy any of the products. They buy them from you.

Sales ANY of the Products on THIS site will be distributed to the various ASB Sites.

When a visitor Clicks a "BUY" button, they will be re-directed by a link rotator to the next ASB Site in the rotation. The rotator cycles through a list of the ASB Sites.

It will also TRACK the users, so if they leave the site and come back, the ASB Site stays assigned to them (by IP address).

Your Site Your Money™ - NO Royalties No Fees

The use of the ASB Sites and sale of their products, content, etc. are INCLUDED as part of membership in DeadEasyApps (DEA).

The membership fee for DEA covers your license for using an ASB Site, have it White Labeled & Customized for you, and license to sell the products installed on your site.

There are NO other fee's, Royalties, etc.

YOU KEEP every dime of every sale of every product you sell from your site. It's - Your Site Your Money

We Host, Maintain & Upgrade ALL Sites - NO "Clouds"!

We do NOT build these ASB Sites as a few HTML pages on any "cloud" system. They are a true software business site.

The ASB Sites are built separate/stand-alone, on Dedicated High-Speed Servers we own and control.

We will Host them
Maintain them
Update them
Enhance & Improve Them CONSTANTLY.

Each ASB Site is a stand-alone WordPress-based membership on it's own subdomain with it's own file system.

Each site is built upon the WordPress CMS platform and with a commercial membership software system.

They are all part of a network of sites all linked to the App Dragon Framework on

Strategy For Earning Over $1000 per Month

The objective of the ASB Sites is monthly income. They are built as Paid Membership sites.

The BEST business model for steady monthly is a Paid Membership Site.

The ASB Sites are designed to make it easier to sell memberships to people. They pay only $8.42 per month.

It will be cheaper for people to buy a membership to your site and get all the products, and those products added every month, than to pay for any single product.

Only 120 monthly members = $ 1,012.80 per month

Simple but effective strategy. It's math, not conjecture.

Traffic and Sales - WITHOUT Doing Anything

We will send (visitors) buyers to your ASB Site - it's the only place they can buy the Products!

So, When we advertise any product, it benefits ALL the ASB Sites.

We also have backlinks on various pages on the main site TO the various ASB Sites.

With this system, and the traffic sent, it is possible for ASB Sites users to make sales without doing anything.

NEVER Build More Than 300 Active ASB Sites

There will NEVER be more than 300 active ASB Sites, which is why we call our DEA members "the300".

This is done to limit competition and maintain some exclusivity for the ASB Sites AND "rarity" of the product.

There are 9.6 Billion domains and web sites on the net, and most products being resold have 10's of thousands, even millions, of people and sites reselling them.

We think a limit of 300 is makes them pretty exclusive. 🙂

We Add Products & Sales Pages to ASB Site


ALL Sites PROTECTED by Cloudflare & Our Security Systems

In these Hacker times, security is paramount.

We provide it without any charge to each ASB Site.

Our servers AND EVERY single ASB Site is protected by CloudFlare CDN systems - with WAF firewalls, shields, DDOS shields, etc.

EVERY single ASB Site is protected by our security systems in the Framework, commercial systems such as Wordfence, installed on every site, and other systems, all providing multiple layers of protection to each individual ASB Site.

All of these protection systems are managed by the team via the Framework automation system.

And there is STILL MORE (below) . . .

We Provide SUPPORT - To You, To Your Buyers

We provide support to ALL the members of the300 - to all members with an ASB Site.

We ALSO provide support for every product installed & sold on your  ASB Site AN to every buyer of those products.

Your Entire ASB Site Will Also Be a (PWA) APP (with Push!)

Each ASB Site will become a PWA (Progressive Web App) What that means :
IF Any User visits YOUR  site and Clicks a simple PWA link,
YOUR ASB Site will be instantly, automatically Installed on the Home screen of their PC
or iPhone
or Android phone
or tablet
or iPad AS A Fully Functional (any device) APP

A PWA site (as an App) means:

  • You can send PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to anyone who has the App
  • Your PWA Site App will run on ANY hardware
  • Your Site will load faster (roughy 84% faster) on their device
  • Your Site will rank higher on Google
  • Your Site App on their device will run even without Internet
  • When you change your site, the App auto-update

AND Test Studies Show PWA Sites:

    have 4 times Increase In user Re-Engagement
    get 90% More Sales From Users Arriving Via Web Push
    get 95% More New Users Across All Browsers
    have 2X More Pages Visited Per Session
    have 75% Increase In Time Spent Per Session

The benefits to being a PWA site are enormous, which is why we are investing the time, software and cost to implement it for every single shop ASB Site we create.

Backlinks To YOUR ASB Site

Various pages throughout the DEA site, such as the Showcase page, testimonial pages, EVERY "Buy" button, etc. have backlinks to the various ASB Sites.

This means ALL visitors to DEA eventually end up on an ASB Site.

Naturally, this helps you get traffic, helps SEO and Google Rank, etc.

It's the little things that can make a big difference.

YOU Can Add Your Own Products

Your ASB Site there for you to use. If you own a product of your own you wish to sell, You can add it to your ASB Site and sell it.

Every tool you need to do that IS included with your ASB Site.

Note: the ASB Sites do have rules, such as not being able to promote/sell pornography, promote hate, etc.

TWO Income Streams

There are TWO basic ways to earn income from your ASB Site:

  • SELL the products we create and keep the income (NO royalties or commissions or Fees)
  • SELL membership to their ASB Site for a monthly fee (which they keep).

Members who join your ASB Site get access to ALL the products on that Site - it's MUCH cheaper than buying any single product.

And some software and digital products added will ONLY be available to members of your ASB Site

2 Year App Dragon Framework Design

The ASB Sites are stand-alone, yet still part of a network of sites, connected to a Framework on the main DEA site we call the App Dragon Framework, including tools, management & automation systems, security systems, plugins, and more.
A Framework it took us 2 years to design and build.

It is, in coding terms, massive. 🙂

Included: The PRODUCTS

App Software Business (ASB) Sites Get EVERY Product We Create
From App Software  To eBooks  To  Digital Tech  To NFTs & Digital Art

Much of our development is Software focused, but we ALSO Create a variety of other digitally based items/products - they all run like software - EVERY Product is Created to be SOLD or OFFERED on the ASB Sites that we build for each member of THIS DEA site. 

Products are created periodically - monthly, sometimes weekly. This Includes . . .

For Laptops/Desktops, Mobile devices, and the Web

MultiPlatform App Software - Included for ALL ASB Sites

MultiPlatform App Software - Especially App Software that creates App Software (Apps) WITHOUT CODING (No Code)

Our team develops a variety of multi-platform software that CREATES App Software without coding/programming (no code).

Members of DEA (the300) can use the software themselves (to create their own products) AND it will be added to Your ASB Site to sell individually, or included for your paying members to use.

This includes:

  • Desktop/Laptop App Software (PC & MAC)
  • Mobile Device App Software (phones, tablets)
  • Web & PWA App Software (to run on ALL devices)
  • App Software Web Platforms (SaaS style)
  • WordPress Plugins

Also includes even stand-alone web software platforms not integrated into this DEA site. Since a web platform cannot be "downloaded", the ASB Sites sell access to the platforms to their members (we add the users to the platforms for you).

Digital Art, NFT, Bitcoin & More - Included for ALL ASB Sites

With Both Artists AND Engineers There Is More Than Just Software

There is more to Innovation than engineering software. The creative members of our team have and will continue to create digital based art and products for this site related to tech like NFT and BitCoin.

  • Digital Art (some created by our own team)
  • NFT Software & Related Products
  • Bitcoin (Related products and information)

Members of DEA (the300) can use the products themselves AND it will be added to Your ASB Site to sell individually, or to include for your paying members to use.

Digital Information Products - Included for ALL ASB Sites

Information in digital form and in a variety of formats

Our team creates and curates information and delivers it in  a variety of formats and forms, focused primarily (but NOT always!) on Software AND how to Market and  EARN INCOME with software and other digital. These Information products include:

  • eBooks & PDFs (on software, marketing, etc.)
  • eCourses (to teach our members)
  • Videos & Audios (to inform AND use in App Software)

Members of DEA (the300) can use the products themselves AND it will be added to Your ASB Site to sell individually, or included there for your paying members to use.

Answered: The Questions

If you do not find an answer to a Question you have below, just ASK!

Click The Arrows To Open & Close     

Are There Any Royalties or Commissions or Fees For The ASB Products We SEll?

NO. Never. You only pay your DEA monthly membership fee.

Is The ASB Site White Labeled for my Use?

YES. The site is named by you, we install your LOGO, etc. It becomes Your site.

Are the ASB Sites hosted on a "Cloud" System?

NO! This is not a collection of HTML pages in an account on a Cloud App.

These are stand-alone sites, on their own Sub Domain, their own file system, with several THOUSAND files and directories in the complete site.

Will The Monthly Fee For Our ASB Site Ever Be Increased?

NO. If you signup now, and keep paying your monthl membership, it will NOT be increased.

Do We Have To Do Any Maintenance on Our ASB Site, Like Update Plugins?

Nope. We do all updates needed - an automated monitoring system in the Framework alerts us when ANYTHING needs to be updated, changed or checked on your ASB Site.

Can We Add Our Own Products to Our ASB Site?

Yes. Your ASB Site there for you to use. If you own a product of your own you wish to sell, You can add it to your ASB Site and sell it.

Note: the ASB Sites do have rules, such as not being able to promote/sell pornography, promote hate, etc.

Do WE Have To Add Content to our ASB Site?

Nope. You can if you like, but we will be adding content to all sites periodically, including articles, videos, PDFs, audios and graphics.

Can We Put These ASB Products on Other Sites We Own?

NO - the ASB Site products we create and add can only be sold by and from the ASB Sites.


Is there a Contract or Can We Cancel Anytime?

There are NO Contracts and You can cancel your DEA membership at anytime, which of course also cancels your ASB Site.

Can We Put The Products on Our ASB Site on Sites Like JVZoo?

NO - the ASB Site products we create and add can only be sold by and from the ASB Sites.

Do We Own The Copyright or Intellectual Rights to the ASB Sites & Products?

NO - The ASB Sites code, pages, etc. (basically anything we created) and the Products we create are there for you to use and sell, but you are NOT given ownership of our Copyrights and Intellectual Property rights. Anything YOU may add IS, of course, is yours, including any Apps YOU create, even if you use OUR software to create them.

Meet: Some of Our Creative Team

A FEW of The People Who Develop the Products For This Site.

Engineering Leader / AUTHOR


Ex-NASA/Intel/Bell Labs Engineer, Author
Designer of the ASB Framework for this site

Digital Artist


Creator of Digital Art, Cartoonist, Painter

Web Programmer


Full Stack developer of Web Software Platforms & PWA (Progressive Web Apps)